PO LL "Belorussian Republican Youth Union"

Account number 360

Registered in administration of Lenin district, Mogilev 27 February, 2003 (by administration of Lenin district, Mogilev, #3-31)

PO LL BRYU the state of education Mogilev State Vocational Lyceum #9 is named after Lyceum graduate - Honored Builder of the Republic of Belarus, honorary freeman of Mogilev, Hero of Socialist Labor, A.P. Starovoytov.

Organization number 393.

The Secretary of the Primary Organization is A.P. Dosova, a teacher-organizer.

The activity of the organization is directed to the formation of humanistic outlook of the youth on the basis of patriotism, national traditions, moral values of the Belorussian people, students free time, promoting of healthy life style and self-discipline.

PO LL BRYU is the initiator and the active participant of every event taking place in the state of education.

In the lyceum there is a voluntary unit The Address of Goodness for helping the veterans of the Great Paternity War and solitary old people. The members of the LL BRYU take part in youth events of the regional authority supporting state policy.

Student Trade Union of the lyceum.

Organization number 487. The chairman of the trade union is a social pedagogue, N.A. Tarasenko. In every student group there is an elected union organizer and union activists, active and creative students.

The number of the union activists is 44. In September of every academic year union activists are divided into different sectors: academic, ideological, cultural, the sector of discipline and law and order, sport sector, etc.

Activity purpose: student coordination and consolidation for their social and professional protection.


  • the protection of the rights and interests of its members;
  • the formation of the outlook of the students based on moral values;
  • giving help to every member of the organization in the spiritual, intellectual and physical improvement, the assistance in the realization of the students abilities and creative potential.

Activity directions:

  • organization work;
  • ideological work;
  • cultural work.