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Admission of students in 2012-2013 academic year


Department on the basis of basic education
(the term of study Ц 3 years)
  • Painter; plasterer; facing worker- tiler
  • Machine operator of the wood-working machine; gas welder
  • Electric welder of hand welding; bricklayer; concrete worker
  • Engineer of the bulldozer; engineer of the excavator; tractor driver- engineer of an agricultural manufacture
  • Engineer of the truck crane; hooker; driver of the category "—"

Department on the basis of the high school education
(the term of study Ц 1 years)
  • Plastererр
  • Bricklayer; concrete worker
  • Facing worker Ц tiler (correspondence course)

The way of enrolment in 2012: competitive selection is on the basis of marks indicated in the document about the education.

The students are provided with the hospice.

The students who have basic education are provided with one-time meals (dinner). Those who have the high school education get a scholarship.

All the students get 75 % of the earnings for the work during the professional education, students-orphans get 100% of it.

At the lyceum there are sports groups of volleyball, basketball, cycle racing, wrestling, shooting, hobby groups of technical and artistic creativity, wood carving, УconstructorФ, typographic group, groups of amateur art activities: pop groups, dancing group.


To enter the lyceum the following documents are necessary:
  • Application addressed to the director with indication of the chosen specialty;
  • Document about the education (original);
  • Certificate from the place of residence with indication of the family composition;
  • 6 photos with the size of 3x4;
  • Card of inoculations;
  • Passport or birth certificate (duplicate);
  • Certificate about passing the medical board.